Gesture & Meaning: the beginning…

This marks the beginning of the next stage in my journey as a photographer: Gesture and Meaning, which is my second level two course with the OCA, having completed TAOP, People & Place, Digital Film Production and Progressing with Digital.

The Gesture and Meaning course explores various facets of the photographic representation of the human form – individuals and groups – both as subject and commodity. We will look at formal, informal and abstract approaches for social documentary, fine art, portrait photography and advertising.

By the end of the course I should have the skills and confidence to move on to level three of the degree pathway, where the projects will be much more challenging and largely self-directed.

I have skimmed through most of the course materials and can see there is a strong focus on equipping students with the ability to identify the correct sources to investigate a wide range of contemporary practice and to then apply this contextual understanding and critical awareness to our own work.

Whilst I have always been drawn to photographing people, I have not really followed an academic/intellectual approach. I can already see that a deeper understanding of the theory and historical, social and cultural influences on visual language will help me develop my own work.

The range of topics covered in Gesture and Meaning appears to be quite vast. I feel ambitious rather than daunted by this but my key challenge, as always, will be lack of time. I will need to very disciplined in the research element of the course. I cannot risk straying too far off the path and going down a myriad of fascinating rabbit holes!

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” Jack Kerouac, On The Road…


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