In the style of Bruno Boudjelal

Inspired by the Bruno Boudjelal series Frantz Fanon, which we saw on the recent OCA study tour, I decided to experiment with a slow shutter speed and some Lightroom abuse. I find the final images to be quite appealing.  The contre jour market scenes are rather intriguing and the mood of the series is dreamy and evocative.  It would be good to experiment further to make the overall feel more sinister – and/or more nostalgic – and perhaps to construct a narrative.

AY2A9752 AY2A9751 AY2A9748 AY2A9745 AY2A9723 AY2A9719 AY2A9715 AY2A9711 AY2A9709 AY2A9707 AY2A9697-2 AY2A9695 AY2A9691 AY2A9689 AY2A9686 AY2A9674 AY2A9671 AY2A9668 AY2A9665 AY2A9648 AY2A9645 AY2A9636


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4 Responses to In the style of Bruno Boudjelal

  1. Michael Colvin says:

    Some of these work really well for me, Helen. The bird, the taxi cab, Graffiti, etc. I like the really abstract image too – is it the pavement and shadows? Personally, I never take images of wine glasses or coffee cups – reminds me too much of trendy advertising for restaurants and hotels…

    A great start. You just need to take a few thousand more now, to find your narrative! Are you going to pursue this idea?


    • helen says:

      Thanks Michael. And I agree with you about wine glasses – I guess I was just rather enamoured with my Chardonnay that evening! I will pursue the idea but not for my OCA work as I think it would lose a lot of points at assessment for being so derivative.


  2. Catherine says:

    They certainly do have a lot of atmosphere. Please do construct a narrative around them Helen.
    Boudjelal is an interesting photographer and I’ve downloaded the Fanon Newspaper.


    • helen says:

      Thanks Catherine – I had not been aware of Boudjelal before and I was quite taken by the atmosphere of the work at the ABP Autograph gallery. I must experiment more often when I see a style I like, it is very liberating and a useful learning process.


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