There’s only one…

I realise now that I am typing up my notes for this exercise that I didn’t follow the instructions properly. I did not pay attention to this critical sentence, on which the whole point of the exercise rests: “Aim to show your feelings, your moods, your quirks, your belongings, your environment – the things that make you into you.”  My images are much more neutral I think. I actually tried to be quite detached and just record myself at the given moment.  It was a good experience though. It made me see that I do put on different masks when I am at work or with my friends rather than just relaxing at home.

Like most people, I am rather self-conscious about seeing myself in pictures but having done this exercise I can see the appeal of self-portrait projects. It is quite a zen experience and much less stressful than having to direct models.  Always tricky to balance vanity with verity though.  And, of course, the bar for a clever idea has been set rather high by Amalia Ulman’s Excellence and Perfection project and Soth’s Unselfies.

The exercise also helped me to see my world in 360 degrees and from different heights and angles, thanks to the Selfie Stick!  I have become quite a fan.

These are my eight chosen images which create a profile of me, sort of…


Matt is the centre of my world: the love of my life and my best friend.

I love food and entertaining (although this is not our beautiful house).


We have a great garden which is an oasis of calm for us in the busy city (just a few hundred yards from Brick Lane).


We have lots of black cats and lots of pictures on our walls. I don’t just make images with a camera, I also draw and paint.


I can pretend to be very serious about my day job. Never more than a few inches away from a Moleskine though…


I absolutely love London and believe it to be the best city in the world. I spend a lot of time on the top deck of buses. These two facts are only occasionally related.


I adore my friends who are some of the smartest, funniest people on the planet. Being with them always involves alcohol.



I love to travel, preferably to cities, always with a camera and Matt.

The rest…

20160514_15392420160514_142621-2 20160514_13574420160513_220321 20160514_124425 20160514_114631 20160514_093351 20160514_083550 20160513_220400 20160513_220254-2 20160513_22022820160513_080953 20160513_133019 20160513_124039 20160513_090144 20160513_082314 20160513_080917 20160513_075708-220160513_135853-2



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One Response to There’s only one…

  1. Rob Townsend says:

    You did a FAR better job than I did on this exercise, well done. I just couldn’t get into it… By the way, there’s another identity-based self-portrait exercise early in section 3 (go figure)


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