Assignment Two: research book

AY2A6809 AY2A6808 AY2A6807 AY2A6806 AY2A6805 AY2A6804 AY2A6803 AY2A6802 AY2A6801 AY2A6800 AY2A6799 AY2A6798 AY2A6797 AY2A6796 AY2A6795 AY2A6794 AY2A6793 AY2A6792 AY2A6790 AY2A6789 AY2A6788 AY2A6787 AY2A6786 AY2A6785 AY2A6784 AY2A6783

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One Response to Assignment Two: research book

  1. Catherine says:

    I think this book is a piece of art in itself. It seems very personal.


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