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Mark Dion, Whitechapel Gallery – OCA Study Visit 15.4.18

This show begins with an arresting tableau: an aviary containing an apple tree, bolted together, and adorned with books and bric-a-brac, and 22 live, tweeting, zebra finches. There is a lot of bird poo. We can go inside and share … Continue reading

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Assignment Five – the oral presentation

Please do leave your comments when you have had a chance to watch the presentation. There is a bit more info on the planning and prep here and here. The password is ChaCha. PS Many thanks to my study … Continue reading

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Assignment Five – planning and preparation

Having decided on the topic of ‘The Ethics of Representation in Portrait Photography’, the next step was to create a list of the key issues underpinning this area, such as power relations, indexicality, mass production, reflexivity, authorship, semiotics, context etc … Continue reading

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Assignment Five – unpacking the brief

Like most G&M students, I suspect, I was rather apprehensive about the oral presentation assignment, not least because of the Powerpoint requirement. It is also a slightly different medium for the communication of our ideas; lots in common with a … Continue reading

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Reflection – January 2018

I am busy decluttering and regrouping for the new year. My ‘intentions’ have been mind-mapped. ‘Make more art’ has made it into the top three key elements. As well as committing to the 365 project again, I have included: Experiment … Continue reading

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Assignment Four – images and submission notes

As per my statement of intent,¬†this work aims to “reflect, support and extend the Foul Play brand, positioning it at the high end of the market, appealing to the true crime¬†aficionados as well as those aspiring to become part of … Continue reading

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Preparation for Assignment 4

4.8.17 – the first discussion with Grace Harrison about the concept of Foul Play magazine and me possibly helping with some of the photography. 29.8.17 – test shots in Arles – identified issues over colour temperature for night shots. 29.9.17 … Continue reading

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